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3 Reasons Vinyl Tile is better for your home

There has been an increase in popularity of vinyl tile in the last year, and you might be wondering: why choose vinyl tile over regular tile? We’re here to explain why it might be a better fit for your home.

1. Stays warm under your feet

In contrast to regular tile, vinyl tile holds heat much better. When you use vinyl tile in your kitchen or bathroom you won’t need to worry about getting a chill when in bare feet. Additionally, vinyl tile is a great choice for basements! Though a basement is typically a colder space than a main or second floor, vinyl tile can raise the floor temperature up to the same level as an upper floor.

Regular tile has a tendency to absorb heat from anything that touches it, and that includes you! Tile is an excellent heat conductor, which means it absorbs heat from other sources much faster than an insulating material, such as vinyl. If you notice that your feet are warmer when you walk on a wood-look vinyl plank, you can be sure that you will feel the same when walking on a vinyl tile.

If you live in a colder climate, you may want to ditch regular tile and consider using vinyl tile in your next renovation. No one likes to come inside from cold weather and feel the floor stealing their warmth directly from their feet! Sure, radiant floor heating is one solution to the cold feet problem, but if you don’t already have it, you shouldn’t pay extra when there is a cheaper solution.

vinyl tile
ScratchMaster – Astonishing Vinyl Tile – Argento 546 011

2. Easier and cheaper to install

If you’ve ever been involved in the installation process of regular tile, you will know how big of a job it is. It is messy, expensive, and takes quite a long time. Instead of going through many unnecessary steps, choose the easier and most cost-effective option. When you use vinyl tile, your installation time gets cut in half! All vinyl tile is click-locking and does not require grout, glue, or drying time. Simply click the tiles together, and you’re done!

This option is particularly great if you have limited time to get your renovation done, and still want something that holds up just as well, and sometimes better than regular tile. No mess, no fuss! It is also DIY-friendly; if you are interested in doing the project yourself, you will not need to learn any special skills in order to properly install it.

a bathroom with a dark vinyl tile floor
TwelveOaks SolidCore Ultra 5G vinyl tile – Arctic Seal

3. Simpler to maintain

If you have old tile in your home, you will know how much work it takes to maintain that tile. Especially if the tile is a detailed mosaic or natural stone, which require regular re-sealing. Grout lines become dirty and require vigorous scrubbing to maintain their original colour. If you have porous tile such as ceramic, dirt can get stuck in the pores and cause your tile to become discolored over time.

When you choose to install vinyl tile instead of regular tile, you will not need to worry about all of that rigorous maintenance. It never dulls, does not require re-sealing, and will last for years! You can install it in rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight, and never have to worry about it fading due to sun exposure. Best of all, if a tile gets broken or damaged, replacing just one tile is easier than ever. Simply dislodge the broken tile, and click in a new one!

vinyl tile
Metropolitan Evoke vinyl tile – Tiara


Now that you know some good reasons to ditch regular tile, it’s time to give vinyl tile a try! The next time you are considering putting tile in a space, don’t forget about vinyl. It won’t let you down.

vinyl tile
ScratchMaster – Astonishing Vinyl Tile – Calacatta 546 006

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