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Floating floors: Should I choose them or not?

What are floating floors? Floating floors are new floors that are installed by floating over the subfloor and underlayment of existing floors. Due to their ease and convenience, we have seen an increase in demand in the design world. As they become more popular their style options have expanded and have become more accessible to […]

Is Vinyl the correct choice for your commercial space?

Having trouble picking out the type of flooring you need for your commercial space? Look no further than vinyl! With so many great options to choose from it’s a wonder anyone ever makes their decision. So don’t feel alone if you’re having a hard time looking. One of the options you could consider is the […]

Commercial Floors: 4 different designs for you to brighten up your space

When deciding to upgrade your commercial floors, there are several factors to consider. You have to know the square footage of your space, the location, the amount of foot traffic it will receive, and how comfortable the floor needs to be. These are all main priorities, but you also have to consider how you want […]

6 of the worst flooring decisions you can make, and how to avoid them

1: Having wood flooring in wet rooms This is a big no-no. It might look nice. It might provide that rustic feeling. But humidity, water, and high traffic will not mix well with the wood, causing it to warp and require a replacement within a few years. If you still want a more rustic look […]

The history of ceramic tile

The very beginning of ceramics The actual beginning of ceramics is lost to the depths of time. Some people believe it started in ancient Egypt, while others point to Mesopotamia or China as its beginning. No matter where it started, historians agree that the practice was fully established by 1000 B.C for the use of […]

5 Carpet myths and why you should actually choose them

1: Carpets worsen allergies Now this might seem quite logical, but in fact the opposite is true. they actually trap dust and other allergens, reducing the amount found in the air of your home and helping you breath easier. In fact all of those dust and allergen particles will remain trapped within the carpet until […]

5 Maintenance tips to keep your clean floors lasting and your home happy

Happy floors lead to a happy life Floors are an integral part of our every day life. They are there constantly, supporting us as we go about our days while we rarely give them a thought. That’s why its important to make sure our floors are given a proper amount of love and attention, to […]

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