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Natural Engineered Hardwood Vs Durable Vinyl Plank Flooring!

Engineered Hardwood Vs Vinyl Plank Flooring!

The Great Battle of Natural Versus Technology

Engineered Hardwood or more resilient and dynamic Vinyl Plank?

Since luxury vinyl plank flooring has entered the market space it has been a constant source of intrigue and led to a lot of FAQs. The most prolific questions that seem to arise are in direct comparison to the flooring that vinyl plank tends to mimic, engineered hardwood.

The visuals of a natural product, be it stone or wood, is unparalleled. They are simply unmatchable when it comes to patterns and uniqueness, however vinyl is getting pretty darn close these days thanks in part to creative graphic artists and impressive HD printing technology. Some products Mohawk industries have been coming out with are truly convincing substitutes for traditional natural wood floor coverings.

Some questions that are forever being echoed are:

  • Is vinyl flooring more durable? Yes, it has its limitations and some products are more resilient than others but comparing the whole vinyl catalogue to the whole wood catalogue – Yes it is more durable

  • Is vinyl plank flooring waterproof? Yes it is, it is good for all areas of the home including bathrooms, kitchens and entrances. This makes it a start in the renovation market.

  • Is luxury vinyl plank more affordable? Yes it is more affordable overall and labour tends to be less cost prohibitive. Custom vinyl stairs can be more expensive so keep that in mind when trying to budget for a project.

  • Does vinyl plank emit more off gasses (VOC or volatile organic compounds)? Yes it is usually (not always) higher on a VOC index. Most vinyl flooring must pass Floor Score which ensures it meets home interior use requirements in accordance with California clean air laws which are in fact the most stringent.

  • If vinyl plank flooring is so good what makes people still go with Engineered Hardwood Flooring? Hardwood can be refinished, it is a timeless natural beauty that is warm to the touch. Lots of engineered hardwood floors become even more beautiful with age. It is very clean, especially when purchased from responsible sources. Some people simply prefer wood flooring and natural products for their home.

These are just a smattering of what is heard throughout salesrooms the industry over. They show the distinct shift in market as well as highlight some hesitations when moving toward a vinyl product. All in all there are a great many pros and cons to each decision and at the end of the day the decision that is right for your home or project might not be the same for your neighbour. A few key things to help you along your decision process would be weighing the following elements:

  • Home usage

  • Traffic volume

  • Kids and pets

  • your geographical climate – is it dry always or wet and mushy

  • will you have little ones crawling on the floor

  • do you plan on keeping the same floors for vast amounts of time

After honing in on these things you can get a clearer idea of the best floor to shop for. If you have a high traffic home that hosts lots of dinner parties and everyone likes to bring their lap dogs in rainy old Seattle than maybe vinyl plank flooring is right up your alley! As always the professionals are there to guide you, reach out to someone who knows the products and just tell them the story of how you live your day to day lives. This is going to be the best indicator of what floor fits your needs.

One last and final consideration, make sure you LOVE your new floor covering. This is what you are going to live with day in and day out so make sure it sweeps you off your feet and you get the floor you deserve!

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