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Top 3 Most Durable Flooring Types

The Most Durable Flooring: Protecting Floors from Children and Pets

Knowing what the most durable flooring types are can be an important deciding factor when it comes to choosing new floors. Your floors are likely the most used part of your home. Whether it’s just general daily use or you need to protect your floors from the added mistreatment that can come from small children or pets, durability is an incredibly important factor when it comes to choosing flooring.

Durable flooring is not important for every room, but high traffic areas would greatly benefit from durable floors as they stay looking pristine for long periods of time. Read on to learn more about what makes flooring durable, where you need durability, and what flooring types are the best for durability and your home.

What makes flooring durable?

Durable flooring

Flooring durability is determined by the flooring types scratch resistance, water resistance, hardness, and subfloor quality. Hardness of a floor alone does not mean it’s the most durable flooring type, as if a floor has no scratch resistance, any use can cause the flooring to look old and beat up much sooner. Subflooring can also impact the durability of your floors, regardless of the flooring type you choose.

If your subfloor is uneven or at risk of moisture you may need to look into replacing the subfloors to get the most out of your new flooring.

Where do you need durable flooring?

The most important places to install durable flooring are high traffic areas that are at risk of spills and scraps. Areas like bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and entertainment areas are the most common areas to focus on durability when choosing flooring.

Bedrooms don’t tend to have as much foot traffic and there is no need for a bedroom to have waterproof flooring. That being said, if you have more destructive members of your household you may need to consider installing durable floors throughout your entire home. The experts at LCF Flooring can assess your needs and help you make the best flooring choices! We’ll provide you with a number of choices and suggestions to ensure you pick the right flooring that will stay beautiful for years to come.

Does durable flooring cost more?

Durability does not necessarily mean an increased cost. Some durable flooring, like stone or hardwood floors, are more expensive than others, such as vinyl or cork flooring. Durability does not need to cost a lot more money, if you are looking for high quality floors on a budget, you can always find them at LCF Flooring. If you want a more luxurious flooring type that is still durable, that is also an option that will beautifully complement your home. One of the experts here at LCF Flooring will be able to work with you to find the perfect flooring that addresses your needs and budget!

What are the most durable flooring types?

There are plenty of fantastic flooring types that will meet your durability needs. You don’t need to sacrifice style and appearance for durability, you can always have both! Here are five of our favourite flooring types that are some of the most durable options for your home.


Vinyl is incredibly durable in that it is water and spill resistant, making it great for kitchens. Vinyl is durable for high foot traffic and takes many years to start looking worn out or faded. However, vinyl flooring is softer on foot, so although it can be incredibly comfortable to stand on, it may not be the best option if you have heavy and sharp furniture. Vinyl plank is manufactured, which means it can look like almost any type of flooring, whether you’re interested in wood lookalikes or tile, vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice. LCF flooring provides the best vinyl plank flooring in Edmonton.


Hardwood floors are some of the most traditional flooring choices when it comes to luxury and durability — and for good reason! Hardwood flooring is beautiful and long lasting. Hardwood floors can be susceptible to scratching, so unless you choose a hardwood floor with extra protective finishing, you may need to refinish your floors semi-regularly. The good news is that hardwood floors are quite easily sanded down and refinished, making them look good as new! Hardwood floors are not the best durable floor choice for kitchens and bathrooms, though, as they have a lower water resistance and can warp. Check out Edmonton hardwood flooring only at LCF Flooring.


Cork flooring is an environmentally friendly and durable flooring choice. Cork is water resistant and has a sponge-like consistency that allows it to bounce back from high traffic which is both comfortable underfoot and quieter. Cork can be dented from heavy furniture though, so be sure to use safety pads under tables, chairs, and other pieces.



Non-porous stone like slate or granite is beautiful, cool to the touch, and can be quite durable. Non-porous stone is waterproof and hard, so it does not stain, dent, or scratch easily. Stone is aesthetically pleasing and a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms.



Like vinyl, laminate floors are a synthetically manufactured floor that are highly durable and allow you to choose from a wide variety of styles. Laminate flooring is stain resistant, scratch resistant, and tough enough to not dent easily when heavy objects are placed on top. Laminate is not completely waterproof, so large water spills can sometimes damage the flooring and require replacement.

Durable flooring is an important factor for almost every home. Whether you want to protect your floors from destructive pets, messy kids, or simply need a space that can handle a lot of entertaining, durable floors will keep your home looking fantastic for a much longer time. For help picking the best flooring for your home, contact LCF Flooring! We’d love to talk to you about your space and flooring needs and find the perfect flooring option.

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