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3 Reasons Custom Cabinets Will Benefit You

Whether you are in your forever home or a temporary abode, you deserve to have a kitchen that works for you, not against you. Custom cabinets can make even the smallest kitchen feel spacious and organized, and they could be the right choice for you! Here are a few reasons why.

custom cabinets

1. Better Organization

If you have a small kitchen or cabinets with a standard design, you may know how difficult it can be to keep things organized. Pots don’t fit in the lower cabinets, canned food gets lost at the back of the pantry, and it can feel like a mess!

When you upgrade to custom cabinets, you’ll never have to worry about things not fitting where they belong. There are many options for organizational cabinet add-ons, and all of them are super beneficial!

Tired of your dog knocking over the trash can? Add the sliding trash door to your kitchen setup – no more cleaning up the mess! Plus, it gives the entire room a sleeker look when the trash can is put away from view.

Does your microwave take up too much counter space? Add the microwave station with built-in power and a door to hide it when not in use. Never worry about running out of cooking space again.

Custom cabinets with built in hidden microwave

Custom cabinets offer endless design choices and solutions to your most frustrating problems in the kitchen.

2. Appealing Design and Your Personal Touch

Standard design cabinets are very limited in the designs that they offer. Not only are there few choices for colour and trims, but there are very few choices for add-ons.

When you choose custom cabinets, you can have the exact kitchen that you are envisioning! From wood grain to high-gloss, and anything in between. There are even options for beveled doors and cabinets that open vertically.

Our goal is to give you the tools to design your dream kitchen. You can feel confident that you are getting all of the usable storage that you need, at a great price!

When you design your kitchen, you deserve the ability to make it feel truly yours! Add personal touches such as a unique colour, a spices organizer, or even custom handles and towel bars! If you need it, we will make sure you get it just the way you like.

custom cabinets

3. Durability and Cost-Effectiveness

If you are looking for the cheapest option available, custom cabinets may not fit into your project. You’ve probably heard the saying before: you get what you pay for! Standard cabinets are a reasonable option if you’re just looking to add in cabinets out of necessity. But if function and durability is important to you, custom cabinets are your friend!

Even though custom is more expensive up front, it will save you money over time by holding up to all of life’s activities. Standard cabinets must be replaced every 5-10 years, and by that time, they are usually very worn down and out of style. Custom cabinets can last over 30 years, and will never fade or go out of fashion.

Standard cabinets can require regular maintenance, such as handle tightening and even replacement. They often don’t hold up well to surface moisture, and can peel or bubble when a wet dish is set on the shelf. This means people often need to buy vinyl inserts to protect their cabinet shelves. This is an unnecessary expense that you will likely never need to worry about when you choose to go with something custom and higher quality.

custom cabinets
Peeling cheap laminate kitchen cabinets

Avoid problems such as the image above, and choose a quality custom kitchen that you can love for a lifetime.

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