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3 Reasons to use Rubber Gym Flooring in Your Home Gym

It’s getting to be that time of year again; people aren’t going outside as much, but they still want to stay active! There is no better way to keep yourself in shape than to have a fully functional home gym, and the first thing you need to do is to get some rubber gym flooring to tie the space together. Here are a few reasons to choose rubber flooring.

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1. Protect Your Floors

Rubber gym flooring is the barrier between your workout equipment and the flooring below it. If you have tile, hardwood, or even vinyl that you’d like to keep in good condition, rubber flooring is the best way to protect it.

If you have a carpeted space that you’d like to have rubber flooring installed over, the process is simple. The carpet can be removed in the area that you want to use for your home gym, and the gym flooring can be added in seamlessly.

The best area to use rubber flooring is in a basement, since you don’t need to worry about disturbing anyone below your home gym space. Additionally, basements make great workout spaces due to them being cooler than upper levels. It’s like a built in air conditioner! If you do not have a basement, gym flooring can still be used on main and upper levels.

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2. Protect Yourself

Even more important than keeping your floors safe, you must keep yourself safe too! Rubber flooring is the best way to ensure you can have the workout that you need, without sacrificing your safety. Gym flooring is super impact-resistant, and can cushion you during impact workouts and potential trips and falls.

Rubber flooring has many uses, even though a home gym is the use that comes to many people’s minds. If you have kids that like to play, you can install rubber flooring into your playroom to add an extra layer of protection between them an the floor.

3. Expand Your Workout!

Many people’s home gyms consist of only a treadmill and a yoga mat, and this is because they don’t have a proper floor that can support a higher-intensity workout! Gym flooring gives you so many more options for keeping yourself healthy and active, especially when you know you’ll be safer doing it.

When you have rubber flooring in your home, your options for equipment are endless! Your floors can support heavy machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, even weights machines of all types. If you like to spar with a heavy bag, feel free to get the type that is supported by a metal stand that sits on the floor, you’ll be thanking your gym flooring for that!

Gym flooring comes in a few different styles: rolls, mats, and interlocking tiles. Rolls are great for large spaces and areas that are intended to be permanent. Mats and interlocking tiles can be seen as temporary, and can be removed when the time comes.

gym flooring

Your home is your castle, furnish and renovate it just the way you like. Include rubber gym flooring in your next renovation!

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