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4 Valuable Pros and Cons of Waterproof Laminate Floors

When you think of the different types of flooring, waterproof laminate may come to mind. And you may be wondering, what makes laminate better or worse than other types of flooring materials? Here’s a list of pros and cons that can help you decide if laminate is right for your home.

One thing that people always ask is which material is best? The answer is not so simple. Truthfully, each home environment is different, and each type of flooring material can perform differently from one project to the next. Here are a few things to consider.

waterproof laminate

Evoke waterproof laminate – Alexis

Pro: Realistic Finishes

Although we have been getting better and better at emulating wood finishes on vinyl products, laminate has always had it beat. A lot of laminates use a wood veneer as the top design layer, which is unparalleled by vinyl or other products with a simulated design layer.

If you’re not able to choose hardwood due to the maintenance and specific environment requirements that it has, laminate will certainly fulfill your design needs while still being durable and waterproof. Certain manufacturers go above and beyond when it comes to the waterproof qualities of their laminate products. One that comes to mind is Mohawk’s Revwood waterproof laminate line.

Mohawk Revwood waterproof laminate flooring
Mohawk’s Revwood Plus – Aged Copper

Con: Scratch Resistance

When choosing which flooring material is best for your home, there are a few factors that you may be considering. One of the main factors is the product’s durability. Most flooring materials, including laminate, have an overall decent scratch resistance rating. However, all flooring is not the same.

Flooring materials are usually rated on a hardness scale from AC1 to AC5, AC5 being the toughest. Most vinyl and waterproof laminates fall between AC3-AC5. Not all products are labelled with a hardness rating, but the ones that are are not allowed to make false statements about their ratings.

If scratch resistance is the most important trait that you are looking for, waterproof laminate may not be the flooring product for you. Luxury vinyl is more scratch resistant in most cases, though waterproof laminate is more dent resistant.

waterproof laminate
Scratched laminate flooring

Pro: Easy Maintenance

No one likes to be cleaning constantly, and it can be especially frustrating if special maintenance is required to take care of your flooring. Luckily, waterproof laminate is among the easiest types of flooring to care for!

As it says in the name, waterproof laminate is just that: waterproof! This means that you can mop it and wash it just as you would a tile or vinyl floor, and not have to worry about water damage. It also means that an unexpected event such as a dishwasher leak will not damage your laminate floors.

Proper installation is equally important as a high quality material, and we can guarantee that our installers do their best work to ensure your floor will never separate or lift. When properly installed, waterproof laminate can last decades with no leaks or damage.

waterproof laminate
Water spilled on a laminate floor

Con: Installation Cost

You may assume that waterproof laminate and vinyl are installed in exactly the same way, but that’s actually not the case!

Most luxury vinyl products come with an attached underpad, and can be taken out of the box and installed with little to no preparation required. Laminate, on the other hand, is quite different. Waterproof laminates do not come with attached underlays, and requires a prepared subfloor before installation can be completed. This can add to the cost of materials and labor, when compared to luxury vinyl or even carpet.

Luckily, laminate underlay is a very cost-effective material, and will not add too much to your overall cost. Some people say that having the extra layer of cushioning under the waterproof laminate adds to the comfort and overall warmth of their floor.

waterproof laminate
Laminate flooring with underlay – Tarkett Floors


Now that you understand different traits and factors of waterproof laminate, you can make an educated decision on the materials for your next home renovation.

If you have concerns or questions about waterproof laminate, do not hesitate to ask a skilled team member from LCF Flooring.

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