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3 Important Ways Your Flooring Can Make A Room Feel Bigger And Brighter

Here in Alberta, we don’t get as much sunlight as we might like. That is why it is so important to choose a flooring product that will make any room feel so much bigger and brighter.

In this article, we will discuss three ways that you can make any room feel bigger and brighter with the right floor.

1. Plank/Tile Size

A bathroom with Richmond Vinyl Calacatta tile flooring
Richmond Vinyl – Calacatta Tile

When choosing flooring for your home, you should take into consideration the size of each plank or tile. This detail can make a big difference in making the room feel larger, and is not something that should be overlooked!

If you choose a plank or tile that is too large for the space, it can make it feel cramped and smaller. A good way to determine which size to choose is to imagine how many individual planks or tiles you would like to see. A smaller space should have the same visual impact as a larger one, which means you should choose a smaller plank or tile.

If you choose a small plank or tile for a large space, it can look too busy and make the room feel smaller! It is good to keep this in mind when choosing flooring a large room such as a living room or kitchen. This is why you will see large commercial spaces such as lobbies and waiting rooms using large 24″x24″ tiles, rather than smaller ones. It makes the room feel less cramped, and more inviting.

2. Colour Matching

TwelveOaks Wishbone – Divine Elm

The colour of your flooring is equally as important as the size, and plays a large role in the overall effect that your flooring has. When choosing the colour of your flooring, keep in mind the tones and hues that you will be matching it with. If your walls are gray, it may be a good idea to choose a warmer colour such as a brown or blonde wood. If you have too much gray in your space, it will make the room feel cold and uninviting – we’re sure you don’t want that.

Another important aspect to consider is your furniture. If you have any large pieces, such as sofas or large tables, you will want to make sure your floor will compliment those beautifully. Another way to make sure a room looks perfect is to choose a coloured baseboard that goes with the flooring.

When choosing new flooring for your home, it is important to consider taking samples home to see what they look like in the space. Lighting in a showroom can be very different from that of your home, and some flooring looks totally different when you bring it out of the showroom. Be sure to ask your sales representative about borrowing samples.

3. Flooring Texture

One thing that people tend to overlook is the texture of their floor. Though it may not contribute a lot to the visual business of it, the texture may overwhelm your senses and add to the tightness that a room might already have. This is especially important when choosing a vinyl tile for a small bathroom.

When you are looking at different options, always be sure to touch each one and decide for yourself if the texture will work for you.

A great way to determine which texture will work for you is to understand the process of embossing that manufacturers use to give vinyl a realistic look and feel. Some companies will use a process called Embossed In Register, which means that the top textured layer of the product matches the way the grain looks. Some manufacturers have a stock embossing pattern that is applied to all of their products, which can be confusing when walking on it in bare feet.


When choosing a new floor for your home, you should always consider the different traits that will affect the overall feel of the space. If you choose something that brightens up the space, you will never regret that decision.

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