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5 Maintenance tips to keep your clean floors lasting and your home happy

Happy floors lead to a happy life

Clean floors
Don’t mind the cat, he’s just chillin and enjoying his clean floors

Floors are an integral part of our every day life. They are there constantly, supporting us as we go about our days while we rarely give them a thought. That’s why its important to make sure our floors are given a proper amount of love and attention, to keep them healthy and able to continue supporting us in our busy lives. So without further ado, here are 5 tips on maintaining floors that we guarantee your floors will love.

Sweeping is often the first step to clean floors

clean floors
The broom is an essential part of the household

Tip one: Sweep your floors every day. Floors are happiest when they’re clean, and your home will look that much better for it. Sweeping will allow you to gather up the crumbs and dust that daily life will bring, and those crumbs and dust obscure the floor’s beauty, resulting in unkempt and ugly floors that not just guests, but you yourself would hate walking on. But maybe you don’t have the time to sweep everyday? That’s ok, even sweeping once a week is infinitely better than not sweeping at all. Make sure that when you do sweep you get every corner and by the baseboards on every wall, as those are easy to overlook.

Vacuuming is especially important

clean floors
Vacuuming might not seem all that important, but its one of the best things you can do for a clean floor

This is one of those maintenance tips that I see overlooked in households, mainly because people think vacuums are for carpets or couches or other fabrics that a traditional broom might have a hard time cleaning. But vacuums aren’t just for fabric surfaces. We wholeheartedly recommend using a vacuum on your vinyl and hardwood flooring, because even if you sweep there are still plenty of ridges and crevices that allow for smaller particles to hide from the broom’s might, so a vacuum is perfect to ensure that all of those tiny nasties go away and leave your floor to be a happy, clean floor.

Mop your floors!

clean floors
Mops are an integral part to having clean floors

I’m sure everyone will agree that mopping floors is essential to maintaining their cleanliness. From all the liquid we spill to the dirt and grime that we inevitably have on our floors, the mop is our tool to remove all of it. Also, is there anything more satisfying than mopping away dirt and revealing the clean floor underneath? I personally don’t think so, especially when said dirt is in stark contrast with the rest of the floor

Rearrange your furniture

clean floors
Rearranging furniture can be fun!

Rearranging furniture is an often overlooked, yet integral part of floor maintenance. It can allow you to clean under the furniture when following the steps above, and redistribute where the weight is on your floor, allowing it to bear the loads placed upon it more easily and redirect foot traffic in your rooms, thereby reducing the scuff marks and general wear and tear happening on specific parts of the floor. And besides, who doesn’t love a small home makeover?

Use floor protectors under heavy furniture

clean floors
If you don’t know where to find them just ask us!

Floor protectors are pretty self explanatory. They protect your floors from the scuff marks caused by shifting furniture and reduce the wear and spots that appear on floors after long periods of the said furniture being there. Honestly I could not recommend these enough, they’ve saved my floor countless times, so I hope you’ll consider using them to save your floor too.

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