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5 Carpet myths and why you should actually choose them

They’re are amazing for providing a more comfortable surface

1: Carpets worsen allergies

Now this might seem quite logical, but in fact the opposite is true. They actually trap dust and other allergens, reducing the amount found in the air of your home and helping you breath easier. In fact all of those dust and allergen particles will remain trapped within the carpet until you vacuum, so don’t worry about kicking them up!

Definitely an amazing choice for the bedroom and living room, providing a soft and comfortable surface for your feet

2: Carpet is hard to maintain

Incorrect! it’s not any harder to maintain than any other type of flooring. With regular weekly vacuuming(or more, depending on foot traffic) and a yearly professional cleaning you can keep your carpet looking spick and span for quite a long time. Worried about stains? Don’t be! there’s plenty of different commercial stain removers and home remedies that when applied immediately after a spill can prevent stains from appearing. Choosing a color other than white can also help to hide any potential stains.

Carpet is great for kids too! it can help prevent injuries and provide a safer surface to fall on(which we all know children inevitably will)

3: It’s outdated and boring

Nope! There are still new trends coming out, providing a range of carpets in different colors and styles. if you feel that it’s outdated then maybe its time for an upgrade! we offer different styles and colors for carpets so that your home can remain on the cutting edge of new trends. Make your home the envy of your friends and families by booking an appointment with our stylist, to help you decide which carpet fits you best!

Carpet is also an amazing choice for stairs, helping to increase traction with your feet to present slips and falls

4: They’re bad for the environment

Not anymore! in recent years there has been a massive push for more sustainable, eco-friendly options and the carpet industry has definitely responded. Synthetic fibers are often recycled at the end of their use and are used in creating new carpets, and there are more environmentally friendly materials on offer, such as wool.

Doesn’t this look just fit this look so naturally? We’re sure this client is still happy with their decision.

5: Carpet contains harmful chemicals that permeate your house

Definitely not! Manufacturers may have used a small amount of formaldehyde in the past as a resin solidifier, which gave rise to this rumor, but that has not been a practice since 1978. and if your carpet was made before 1978 there is definitely not enough of the chemical left to cause any significant harm. In truth, they are actually the lowest emitter of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, under which formaldehyde is classified) out of any material in the household, falling below wall paint in their emissions.

Why you should pick carpet for your next floor:

It is definitely one of the most reliable choices for a household. From providing a softer surface, to being available in a large range of styles and colors, it can help any home feel cozy and warm, or help it feel classier and more welcoming to guests. It’s actually slightly easier to maintain on a day to day routine, since all it requires is a vacuum, and modern advancements have made spot removal a breeze for anyone to perform. It provides greater traction with feet to avoid slips and falls, and when there are falls(from kids climbing generally) they’ll hurt a lot less when you fall onto carpet as opposed to falling onto hardwood.

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