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The History of Popular Ceramic Tile


The very beginning of ceramics

The actual beginning of ceramics is lost to the depths of time. Some people believe it started in ancient Egypt, while others point to Mesopotamia or China as its beginning. No matter where it started, historians agree that the practice was fully established by 1000 B.C for the use of pots and urns, as well as tiles. Then things progressed…

The Renaissance

Things did not progress for ceramics until the Renaissance. Once art became a bigger focus for the world, places like Persia and Italy realized the artistic applications of ceramic tile. Advancements in dyes allowed for different colors, allowing for more unique tiles and tile designs.

The Modern Era

As the modern era approached, ceramic tiles became available on a much larger scale. It started being used in kitchens and bathrooms for everyone, from the aristocracy to the common civilian. This large-scale use and increase in popularity greatly benefitted the progress in both designs and colors used. As more technology became available, designs became more intricate, the tile became more comfortable to use with glossy and smooth finishes, and shapes became more complicated, leading to the wonderfully stylish tiles we know and love today.

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